The Lincolnshire Home of Pedigree British Gotland Sheep

My friend Di runs The Candlestick Press which has just published a new pamphlet book entitled Ten Poems About Knitting. It's just adorable. Click on the link here to check it out.


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Eyebright-always ready with a cuddle and a waggy tail.

Welcome to Pedwardine Gotlands!


We are Amanda and Barry Gray, Lincolnshire-based owners of Pedigree British Gotland Sheep.


We LOVE Gotlands. We have never regretted choosing this wonderul sheep. Our pages will give you info on the history of the breed, the benefits of choosing Gotlands, our love of our flock and our progress as shepherds.

You'll meet our favourite girls and boys (read our Shepherd's Diary and have a look at our Photo Gallery page), keep up to date with their exploits, share in our trials and tribulations, witness the joy of lambing and share our sadness in saying goodbye.

Spinners, felters and craftmakers can buy lustrous Gotland fleece and ask us questions on spinning and felting our wool.

If you're looking for a starter flock, a tup, breeding ewes or gotland lambs, we can put you in touch with a number of the rather widespread flocks we have helped to start or added new breeding blood to.


Join us on our Gotland adventure...



A little bit about us

We are smallholders on a continuous learning curve. First and foremost we love our animals. We have five dogs, four cats, twentyish chickens, too many cockerels and quite alot of pet sheep. We run a largish vegetable garden and polytunnel. We grow a willow crop to help fuel our wood fired boiler. We try to be as self sufficient and as in synch with the environment as we can. We love keeping sheep and can't quite believe how amazing they are, very intelligent and often sneaky, always lovable and quickly forgiving, we feel so fortunate to have this opportunity in our lives and we want to share the sheer joy of it all.



What we do

We are passionate about our sheep and do the absolute best we can by them. We take our responsibility as shepherds very seriously and our animals come first. Until recently we had a stock some 120+ strong and we've sold stock to like-minded people who give our precious girls and boys the care and love they are due. Unfortunately due to loss of rented grazing we've had to reduce our numbers and cease breeding which we miss terribly. These days our sheep are mainly our pets and we are down to just 27 ewes, 3 soft 'mummy's boys' rams and 3 wethers. Our sheep are all known by name and we love them deeply. We have found, against our intentions to produce and eat our own free-range meat and pelts, that owning Gotland sheep has turned us vegetarian such is the undeniable character and love these animals exhibit. However we do distribute raw Gotland fleece to hand spinners, felters and craftmakers.




Who We Are


Barry is a highly qualified artist who paints amazing canvasses and mixed media on paper. He's sold work all over the world and has shown with regularity in the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. He's taught fine art in the UK and Europe and has been an art lecturer.

To see his work click on Barry's Art in the right hand column.


He's often a scarey, hairy man who forgets where his shaver resides. He scared a neighbour once by waving his crook at them for their attention. He hadn't had a haircut for a long time either. The lady screamed! Sheep don't care if you're hairy :-)

He LOVES Scandinavian crime fiction and other crime fiction set in remote and bleak locations.



Amanda is a short arse (five foot dead on) with very small feet but thankfully small boobs so she's not in danger of falling over... she sings jazz, blues and other stuff and can often be heard serenading her sheep. She's a creative bod, an experienced picture framer, doer-up of tired furniture, ceramicist, cook and jeweller. She dreams great designs. She rarely writes them down (could've been some good money there...oh well). She likes rummaging around in charity shops and finding unique style within them. She loves cooking, loves entertaining, HATES housework (life is just too short!) which means the first two don't get exercised very often.


Amanda is ALWAYS 'going to check on the sheep'. These checks can take some time. Cuddling sheep is a serious occupation. You have to be thorough.


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